Today at Nutri-Cosmetica let's talk about something that affects many people who feel overcrowded in their day to day. We are refering to stress, ie, the reaction of our body to challenges or high pressure demand.

In fact, stress is a feeling of physical and emotional reaction that can come from any situation or thought that causes frustration to us.

When we feel too much emotional stress because we are overtaxed, that causes us concern and insomnia. In addition we live with the constant need to hurry up all the daily tasks such as eating or sleeping, thus we eat fast and sleep less hours than the ones we really need... at the end that causes as more strees.

The body responds to this situation by activating the nervous system and certain hormones to produce more adrenaline and cortisol. Thus heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure and metabolism is increased.

In our parapharmacy we have a good product catalog to fight stress which is ideal for helping your body to relax and reduce stress effects.

We recommend you Balbion, a dietary supplement that helps improve the problems caused by stress thanks to its relaxing effects.

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