Ana Maria Lajusticia

Ana Maria Lajusticia

Today at we will talk about a brand that mainly focuses on the care of our joints and helps not only to prevent disease or problems in them, but it also has products designed to prevent the risk of injury when playing sports.

This is the range of products from Ana Maria Lajusticia, a range that bears the name of its own creator.

Ana Maria Lajusticia is a well known researcher in food chemistry and whose personal experience has led her to study the mechanism of regeneration of articular cartilage. She suffered from osteoarthritis for many years and gradually became aware that modifying your diet could better control their disease even to make your joints would improve in a meaningful way.

The secret of this discovery is in magnesium, the element that she could check herself that made her better. For it later began to create its line of joint working to improve both athletes and for elderly or people something wrong products.

Its products are formulated with magnesium combined collagen also including soy isoflavones and fiber to help supplement a diet that take care of the joints effectively.

Its portfolio of products is wide, designed to meet different needs of the body to be healthy and enjoy the day without having to endure joint pain.

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